>Transformer Production

TransformerMost switching power supply components needs procurement , but the transformer is our own production,This ensures the stability of our products.

Production a transformer needs winding, dip tin, baking, cooling and other step-outs .

Throughout the process, we have to carry two or three times QC: Inductance test and electrical test,We use automatic winding machine, automatic tape machine, oven, inductance tester do all the work .

>Power supply Production

backgrand02.pngTransformer belonging to semi-automatic production, our power supply production line is semi-automatic production line too .

Production line with automatic insertion machine, automatic impregnating machine, wave soldering, inductance tester, electrical test machine, computer remote control Burn-in test ,there are three or four times QC .
Because we have a semi-automated production line, good quality transformer, so that we can produce more stable switching power supply .

  • Automatic plug
  • impregnation machine solder / checking
  • QC — ATE
  • 100% burning text — computer control